Calendar of Hope

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Grandma, we still miss you on your special day and every day!

With love: Nik Mendrygal

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In loving memory of Julia Malsin, a brave and caring girl. Julia was diagnosed with...

Class mates at the Sherman School
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It is so hard to believe that today you would have been 80. So much has happened in the years since you passed, but we see signs of you....from you....everywhere. Happy Birthday, Dad!


We know you are still with us from the signs you pass along. But we still miss you and each year as your birthday and the anniversary of losing you goes by, we think of what could have been....

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In memory of our Mom!

With love: The Baldoza Family

In memory of Monica Mark Lear on her birthday.
Your smile will always be with us. We miss you every day but celebrate your life.

Love: Dad, Mom, Jeff, April and girls.