Workplace Giving

Whether you work for the government or a private employer, your workplace may have an annual giving campaign designed to promote charitable giving among its employees. Your workplace might also provide volunteers or in-kind gifts of products or services as part of its community relations program. Explore how you can help raise awareness and support through your workplace.

Payroll Deduction

Consider this easy way to donate to AA&MDSIF through your employer.  Here's how it works: 

  • You designate AA&MDSIF to receive a set amount per paycheck during the year.
  • Your employer deducts the gift from your paycheck, and you receive a tax deduction and also the satisfaction that each paycheck provides a gift of hope to AA&MDSIF.
  • A donation of $5, $10, or any amount from your paycheck can add up and help us in a significant way.

Matching Gifts

Whether you make a donation directly to AA&MDSIF or through payroll deduction, many companies agree to match their employees' philanthropic gifts. Some companies may match employee contributions at an increased rate of $2 for each $1 donated. Corporate matching can have a significant and positive financial impact on the charity of your choice.  Speak to your human resources representative at work and inquire about their participation in this type of matching program. 

Combined Federal Campaign

Do you work for the Federal government?  Participate in the Combined Federal Campaign by designating #10302 on your pledge card. Learn more.

State/Local Government Campaigns

Do you work for state or local government?  You can write us in.  AA&MDSIF also has been officially accepted into the Maryland and California State Employee Campaigns, and you'll find our designation number in the campaign materials.  For other states, try to write AA&MDSIF in to your campaign gift form.

If your state campaign does not allow write-ins, then please consider sending your gift directly by check, or making a gift online to support AA&MDSIF programs and services.

Private Employer Campaigns

Do you work for a private employer? Write us into your workplace giving campaign or payroll deduction program using this information:

Aplastic Anemia & MDS International Foundation
100 Park Avenue, Suite 108
Rockville, MD 2050

Tax identification number: 52-1336903

If your HR department needs more information, contact Mike Breuer at (301) 279-7202 x111 or email

United Way Campaign

In the past, some of you may have given to AA&MDSIF through your local United Way Campaign. We thank you for your donations.

These campaigns now deduct high fees which lessen the impact of your gift. We encourage you to please give to us directly through our Web site, or send your donation to the: Aplastic Anemia & MDS International Foundation, 100 Park Avenue, Suite 108, Rockville, MD 20850

Learn more about workplace giving by contacting Mike Breuer, at or (301) 279-7202 x111 for more information.

In-Kind Donations of Products and Services

AA&MDSIF welcomes donations from your business or company to help us offset our annual budget.  Help community events with food and beverage, paper supplies, meeting space, printing, postage, photography, public relations, graphic design and more.  Or, consider donating products you make or sell which we can use or put into a fundraising auction.  Contact Martha Crews for more information.