Communities of Hope

communities of hope

Would you like to connect with other patients and families in your own town?

AA&MDSIF is building Communities of Hope - volunteer led local support groups - to create an ongoing, local organization supporting patients and families, and raise awareness and support for AA&MDSIF programs that support them. Learn more.

Communities of Hope are built:

  • To connect patients and families with each other to provide a local resource for peer support, information exchange, and education
  • To connect patients and families with each other, and with us, as a means for carrying out AA&MDSIF’s mission
  • To engage volunteers for generating awareness among the patient and health professional community, as well as the greater community in which you live
  • To create advocates, raising support for AA&MDSIF
  • To tap into geographic location to raise support for AA&MDSIF and to help carry out AA&MDSIF’s mission

Each community will look slightly different from another community. It’s up to the members of the local community to decide how they want their group to function. Each community will determine what activities they’d like to participate in – all with the help and support of AA&MDSIF!

Many of these active Communities of Hope function as an enhanced support group.  These groups meet on a regular basis, and speakers are invited to talk on a subject of importance to the group members.  If you live in one of these areas and would like to join your local Community of Hope support group, please contact the volunteer coordinator noted below by email.

Upcoming Community of Hope Events

More Communities of Hope are forming in cities across the U.S.!

We also have Communities of Hope forming in MInneapolis, MN; St. Paul, MN; Philadelphia, PA; Pittsburgh, PA; and Dallas, TX. If you live in one of these areas and would like to participate or learn more,  please contact Patient Educator, Leigh Clark by email or at (301) 279-7202 x140. Want to start one in your hometown?  We can help!

Location Volunteer Coordinator
Phoenix Stephanie Cadell
California San Francisco Bay Area (MDS)
Lenn Fechter
Middletown Paige Jamieson
Florida Orlando Clara Ferguson
  Tampa Clara Ferguson
Atlanta Lorenzo Williams
Boise Diane Hakes, LCSW
Chicago (MDS) Kim Jensen
Indiana Indianapolis Sally Debono
Maryland Ellicott CIty Marlene Beckert and Kelly Ellison
Boston Melissa Diaz
Detroit Jessica Chapman
New Jersey Central
Linda Rothstein
New York
New York City Melissa Diaz
North Carolina
Asheville/Henderson Barbara Morgan
Contact Leigh for more information
Janine Kowack
Milwaukee Brandi Wright