Contact a Patient Educator

peer supportA patient educator is a professional who helps patients and their family members to find answers, support,  and hope with their diagnosis. Our patient educators are here to answer questions about your diagnosis, talk with you about your  treatment options, help find an expert, and locate resources that can help ease the burden of treatment.  S/he will listen to your concerns and support you as you live with a bone marrow failure disease. 

We understand that being diagnosed with a bone marrow failure disease can feel very lonely. Through our Support Connection, our patient educator can connect you  with other patients. Talking with another patient can help ease your mind and you will have made a new friend on your journey.

To speak with a patient educator, please call (800) 747-2820 press option 1 or email  Remember, you are NOT alone.  AA&MDSIF is here to help you find answers, support & hope.