Treating Lower Risk MDS in 2012: Applying the Most Current Clinical Research to Patient Care

Presented by: 
David Steensma, MD, FACP
Presented at: 
Webinar April 26, 2012
Date of Presentation: 

During this webinar the Dr. Steensma will use a combination of lecture and case studies to review the most current thinking on the treatment of lower-risk MDS. He will begin with a short overview of what is known about the MDS disease mechanism. This will be followed by a discussion of what defines lower-risk MDS vs. higher-risk MDS and an overview of treatment strategies and options currently being used for patients with lower-risk MDS. This webinar will include a discussion how treatment decisions are made. Finally, Dr. Steensma will briefly review relevant research findings published over the last 12 months, and discuss how these have impacted his thinking on how to best treat patients with lower-risk MDS. Plenty of time for questions will be provided.